Jessa Fasel  LMP, CHT  

Enjoy a life of vitality and relaxation through compassionate care of your body, mind and spirit!

 "Experience the opportunity to delve into the mysteries of the rhythm of your life with the assistance of Jessa's intuitive readings. With over forty years of experience; the level of insight to be gained will be deep and incrediby helpfull. Explore all issues relating to relationships, career, health and personal growth. Jessa utilizes a combination of tarot, palmestry and vision to bring your answers to light. Each reading is thorough and becomes a counseling session toward acheiving your goals as they are revealed. Upon completion you will be aware of new emotional tools and insights to continue on the path of your choice."


REIKI: First Degree workshop to be held on July 16th. If an individual has received the First degree from another teacher, that will be honored. 6 CEU's will be offered for each day. 

First level is typically 6 hrs but can also run longer.  Includes instruction on how to create and run a Reiki circle.

Potential Master option involves individual time and the requirement to assisit in at least 1 first level class. 


  • Please contact Jessa Fasel directly at to sign up.

EARTH AWARENESS . A variety of exercises for connecting and deeply comunicating with the Earth and the devic realm. A notebook of experiences will be created. This course has Shamanistic techniques from several traditions. It is active in that it includes time directly with nature. Dream work will also be explored in this overnight class. September 2nd-4th. 

Intuitive Awarness class. This class introduces exercises for increasing your intuitive abilities and the philosophical and ethical considerations of working with them. Phycometry,  tarot, palmestry, tealeaf reading, automatic writing will all be demostrated and taught at a basic level. Depending on the length of class that is desired a couple or many of these techniques can be worked with. We can also delve into working with the aura and vision techniques. 

Traditional and Alternative methods of exploring life's issues. 

About Jessa:


Working with the body to relax and experience a deep sense of wellbeing.  Offering: Swedish, Deep tissue,Myofacial release,Pregnancy massage.Experienced with post accident care.Massage assists in release of emotional, physical and spiritual trauma. Experience my special techniques combining massage, Reiki and hypnotherapy for accelerated healing.


Through a deeply relaxed state a specific set of instructions are introduced to the unconscious mind to assist in the change of thoughts, patterns and habits. Create the changes that you want to enhance your life. Improve skills, release chronic pain, releave insomnia, stop smoking, overcome phobias, lose weight and enjoy exercise, unleash creativity and release blocks! Fulfill your potential


Experience a gentle and powerfully healing energy that works in harmony with your entire system to promote healing and a sense of wellbeing. I am a Reiki Master and teach classes on a regular basis. Please be in touch if I can assist you in the goal of being a Reiki practioner. I also offer an ongoing Reiki focused healing circle on the first and third Wednesdays of every month. These circles are located at my office above Heavenly Choices in downtown Poulsbo, begining at 7:00PM and ending approx. 9:ooPM. All are welcomed.


Labor Support I also offer my services for expectant mothers ranging from hypnotherapy to birth Doula attendance. Total compassionate support through labor and delivery.

  • Focused on individual care and comfort
  • Stress relief and deep relaxation
  • Experienced and effective care
  • Affordable and Convenient

In addition to offering her services at Prashanthi, Jessa Fasel has a private office:


19020 Front Street                  Office Located upstairs from Heavenly Choices Gift Store

Poulsbo, WA 98370

360 509-4741      Please call for an appointment



Mon -Wed- Fri: 9AM - 6PM
Sat: By appt.