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Breath, Mindfulness, and Practice of Qi Gong: Step 1

Breath, Mindfulness, and Practice of Qi Gong: Step 1

By: Dr. Anup Mulakaluri, ND, AWC

All things share the same breath – the beast,
the tree, the man. The air shares its spirit with
all the life it supports.
— Chief Seattle

Breath guides the mind to stillness…

Mindfulness guides consciousness to awareness and insight...

Qi Gong guides bioenergy toward health and harmony... 

In Qi Gong, breath is the primary access to Qi, a term for energy or life-force. Qi is the energy that gives life, activity, form, and function to all things. In Chinese culture, it is used as a medicine to help restore and regenerate vitality, as well as to achieve inner-peace and enlightenment. In this class, we will begin with breath-work and mind-body coherence training, experience mindfulness cultivation practices, and learn Qi Gong exercises to activate and protect our energy system, to energize or become grounded, and to balance the autonomic nervous system to protect from the “fight/ flight” reaction. 

Registration Cost:

$175 before 9/17/16

$225 after 9/17/16

Registration Closes 10/1/16

For more information on registration please contact us @

(650) 888-1233

Personal Bio:

Dr. Anup Mulakaluri is a Naturopathic Doctor, Ayurveda counselor, Qi Gong teacher, and Shamanic practitioner. He completed his training in Qi Gong at the Institute of Qi Gong and Integrative Medicine in Bothell, WA. Dr. Anup follows Yi Ren Medical Qi Gong tradition as transmitted to him by Dr. Guan Cheng-Sun. In private practice Dr. Anup integrates eastern and western natural medicines that tend to body, mind, and spirit of the individual.

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